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These are some of the rats that we have shared our home with over the past five or six years.

Black Dumbo self bred by Lucie Mann. Not as much of an explorer as our other girls.

Bathsheba: Mink Variegated - very good temperament, big eyes!!!

Bathsheba has a heavy influence on the variegated orientation of our lines. She was bred from 3 times in her life I kept a good number of her offspring.

A blue rat on a blue background doesn't make for the best picture, but it's the clearest one we could find!

Rob was a funny old rat - he was a descendants of our first episode of rat breeding.

We later bred from him, because we wanted to keep the line going.

He died at around 2 year 4 months old.

Brian was almost 3 when he died - he was top rat for most of his life.

Bartholemew and Brian never got on. They even had a bloody fight in the last week of his life.


Tina was a big rat in her time. She grew very quickly into quite a butch doe, having very masculine featureas.

However, she declined rapidly, dying a short time before her mother.


Mini was a fantastic pet rat - she was very maternalistic.