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Here are some more of our rats. We will put more up when we get them to sit still for more than a second!


Rexy died at a ripe old age.

He is the founder of the Rex lines here at CSR.

He was always a cuddly kind of soul.

We got Wellington from Rodent Rescue Centre in Manchester - he was a typical male rat who just loves to sit with you while you stroked him! When it comes to standing up for himself, well Wellington would always prefer to hide.
Badger's a cute little male rat who didn't grow to his full size, putting him at the bottom of the pecking order in the boys cage!

We have attempted to breed from badger and have now given up presuming him to be infertile - poor little guy, he always tried so hard.
Molly was an escapologist - every time the cage is opened, she'd be out before we have even noticed!


Wilson is a really dopey rat - he was quite easy to take pictures of cos we've never saw him moving fast!

Wilson developed head tilt when he was older and although he recovered from this he lived a very quiet life from that time on.

Samantha (with the biscuit) and Tina.
It's a 'Who gets the biscuit' competition!

Maxwell was a fantastic guy - one of Philippas all time favourite rats.

Winner of the biscuit competition, Samantha takes a well earned snack.
Tyberius and his previous cage mates

Tyberius is the son of Pandora and Calvin (a velvet rat owned by Toyah Robson and bred by Lucie Mann). He has quite unusual markings - he's quite a pretty rat!

Tyberius was a very long lived rat. He died in October 2004.

To his credit he fathered rats that started the Dumbo lines in Russia.

Rufus (the cat) and Young Dumbo Rex Buck

Rufus puts up with the bady rats, the most he will do is smell them. The type of cat he is - if an adult rat was out and about, he would be too - mainly out of the cat flap waiting till the coast is clear.

In this photo you can see that Rufus has a number of bald patches from his stay at the vets (from which i am glad to say he has fully recovered).